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Dalhousie University Scholarships 2023-2024 For International Students
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Dalhousie University Scholarships for international students
Dalhousie University Scholarships for international students

Studying in Canada is the dream of every student and study in Canada on a full scholarship is the reality only a portion of students achieve from all around the world. Dalhousie University is inviting applicants from all over the world for fully funded scholarships. Under the scholarship students can study graduate programs at the university. IELTS is not required to apply at Dalhousie University of you meet certain requirements. Although fully funded scholarships are available but many partially funded scholarships are also available. Both Merit-based and Need-based scholarships are available.

International students are a growing segment of the Canadian population. They come from all over the world, with different backgrounds and levels of education. International students are a rich source of diversity and contribute to the Canadian culture through their varying talents and experiences. This, in turn, helps all Canadians to enhance their knowledge of the world. There are various scholarships offered at the University each has its own required criteria to apply. In this article, list of scholarships, bursaries and awards are discussed that are open to International students.

Dalhousie University Scholarships
Following scholarships are available for international students,

A.S. Mowat Prize
It was established in 1984 to recognize outstanding achievement by a student in their first year of a master’s program in any discipline at Dalhousie University. This scholarship is available for both Canadian and international students. The students must be enrolled in the first year of a master’s program at Dalhousie University as of the application deadline.

Deadline: April 1
Value: $1,500
Scholarship type: In-program
Degree level: All master’s
Available to: Canadian and international students
Renewable: No
Abdul Majid Bader Graduate Scholarship
This scholarship is for International students. Applicants from Iran will be given first preference for the award, with international students being considered. Students with ranking (>3.7/4.3) in their last two years of academic study may apply. The scholarship is valued at $40,000 for one 12-month academic year of full-time study. The scholarship is renewable, subject to an annual progress review. The award can be held for a maximum of 24 months of full-time study. Fees are not waived and must be paid out of the award.

Value: $40,000 per year for up to two years
Scholarship type: Entrance or in-program
Degree level: Thesis-based master’s or doctoral
Available to: Iranian students (international students will also be considered)
Renewable: Yes

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